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Learn Army tasks in a fun and interactive game environment. Go to to create your account, you must contact your recruiter or Recruiting Center and ask for the center's RSID to begin your Army training.

Financial Management

There is a NEW Financial Management Class located on the Additional Training tab of the FSTS. This class is designed to give you a better understanding of successful financial strategies.

All Married Future Soldiers

If you are a married Future Soldier and have not already provided your Spouse the opportunity to register with the Family Information Center (FIC) do so now! The FIC provides new Army Spouses with a source to ask questions and receive specific information regarding countless topics ranging from TriCare and benefits to finance and DEERs enrollment! You can register your Spouse by either emailing or telephoning us. EMAIL: PHONE: 877-535-6387 TOLL FREE

Newest Future Soldiers

Please welcome our newest Future Soldiers

What You'll Learn

Basic Combat Training consists of PHASE I, PHASE II and PHASE III. Since not every training base does exactly the same thing at the same time, the list below contains a sample of training exercises you will need to complete in order to graduate. Contact your local Army recruiter for more information. Click the PHASE links below:

  • PHASE I: Confidence Tower; Teamwork Development Course; Combatives; Bayonet Assault Course; Pugil Training; Fit-To-Win (obstacle course); OPAT; Weapons Immersion; First Aid; Drill and Ceremonies; Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Training; Protective Mask Confidence Exercise; Road Marches; Land Navigation; Soldierization Classes; Army Values; Introduction to Tactics; Field Training Exercise 1 Squad Training Exercise; Identify Unexploded Ordnance; Troop Collection Point and Enemy Prisoner of War Exercise
  • PHASE II: Basic Rifle Marksmanship Ranges; Rifle Qualification; Engagement Skills Trainer; Combatives; Advanced Rifle Marksmanship; Phase 2 Clothing Issue; Diagnostic Army Combat Fitness Test; Drill and Ceremonies; Field Training Exercise 2 Squad Training Exercise; Road Marches; Confidence Obstacle Course
  • PHASE III: Battle Drills Squad/Small Unit Tactics; Field Training Exercise 3; Battle Drill/Squad Training Exercise; Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Exercise; Night Infiltration Course; Movement Techniques; Road Marches; Rifle Physical Training; Guerrilla Drills Physical Training; Hand Grenades Qualification Course; U.S. Weapons; Combatives; Convoy Live Fire; Fire and Maneuver; Squad Live Fire Exercise; Forced March Live Fire; Objective Rally Point/Assembly Area Operations; Field Hygiene; Field Recovery; Military Operations in Urban Terrain; Record Army Combat Fitness Test

Advanced Individual Training (AIT)

After you complete Basic Combat Training, you're ready for the next step. Advanced Individual Training (AIT) is where you will learn the skills to perform your Army job. At one of many diverse AIT schools, you'll receive hands-on training and field instruction to make you an expert in that specific career field. You'll also gain the discipline and work ethic to help you no matter what path you take in life. See the kind of training AIT schools offer below.


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